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While we are grateful for the use of technology and our ability to continue to operate our weekend services online, we also believe with great conviction that this is not the right way to experience church long-term. We believe church is meant to be experienced in-person, as a community whenever possible. In an effort to continue living out our mission as a church and also maintain our desire to prioritize the health and safety of those who enter our facility, we have prayerfully put together a re-gathering plan.

The way we gather in person will inevitably look different for awhile as we slowly phase gatherings over a period of time in order to appropriately meet the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of our church family.

Listed below is the plan we have put together to help each family attend in- person at least every other week moving forward.


We have divided the church into two different groups, Group A and Group B. Each week on Monday morning, we will open registration for one group. This group will receive an email with the registration link. Registration will remain open exclusively for this group through the Wednesday of that week. Priority registration will rotate between these two groups each week.

Each week on Thursday morning, we will open any remaining spots to the rest of the church. We will begin with one service time but the leadership team will continue to monitor if there is a need for a second service to be added. Right now, the logistics required to clean the facility in between services is a big task and we are working out a plan for the future.

Max capacity per service will be 60 people so that proper social distancing measures can be followed.

While we will be opening the church for in person services, we understand some may not be ready to return. We will continue to stream online with a quality online experience.


  • Doors will open 30 minutes before service starts.
  • No food/drink will be served during this phase. Water fountains will be shut
    off but we will have mini water bottles available for those that need them.
  • Each family will be seated by our usher team.
  • Offering baskets will not be passed but will be available at the counter in the
  • Prepackaged communion will be served.
  • A deep clean, with guidance from CDC recommendations, will take place following each service. We will frequently clean high touch surfaces and bathrooms.
  • Life groups are encouraged to continue to meet virtually or as they feel comfortable to meet in person.



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