Teach Us To Pray

Teach Us To Pray

For the Christian, there may be nothing more confusing and yet powerful than prayer. It seems like no matter where we come from, everyone of us has some level of experience with prayer. For some, a prayer is something you recite from memory, for others it’s a very formal and distant spiritual practice, but for others prayer seems to be so much more; full of power, intimacy, and relationship.

Scripture teaches that prayer is supposed to be the primary way in which we access God, designed to be a continual back-and-forth conversation that comes from a deeply rooted place inside of us that is both honest and tested.

But for so many of us, we can’t help but wonder if prayer really works. We think, “Is God even listening?”, “Am I praying the right way?”, “What should I pray about?”

This three-week course with Pastor Jordan is designed to explore how Jesus teaches us to pray. We are going to look at how prayer can change us from the inside out, how it can influence our families and communities, and how God wants to move through us in prayer to make a difference.

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:15 beginning January 10th.



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