Care and Counseling

New Point Church has Pastors and Lay Care Ministers who are dedicated to your spiritual healing, and who have been trained to provide guidance and direction to those in need of that healing. Confidential care in a counseling setting is provided not only during times of crisis but for any time of difficulty. There are a variety of options available and we invite you to contact our Counseling Department to determine which choice would be best for you. For additional information contact Lori Hommer at 515-577-2289 or Lori@newpointchurch.com

One 2 One

One-2-One care provides confidential Christian care to those who are experiencing life issues such as grief, divorce, or job crisis, or those needing the support of a Christian mentor. For more info contact lori@newpointchurch.com or call the church office at 987-9595.


Marriage Ministry

Marriage Mentors:
At New Point Church we want to encourage you in your marriages. Marriage mentoring is here for you to have another couple to walk with you through your marriage. All of our mentors have a heart for connecting with other couples and seeing your marriages and families thrive. They are available and equipped to help you and your spouse celebrate the best parts of marriage and look at the challenges as a chance to mature into the kind of marriage God has for you. For more information contact marriage@newpointchurch.com

Mentor List


Hospital Visitation

We are glad to provide visits for a time of prayer and encouragement to those who are in the hospital or ill at home. Visits are made by members of our Encouragement Team who have been trained to minister in this situation. Not all of the hospitals notify us when someone from New Point Church has been admitted and we rely on those who would like a visit or their family and friends to let us know when this would be helpful. Visits are not limited to the New Point family and we welcome the opportunity to minister. To request a visit or find out how you can serve on this team contact Lori@newpointchurch.com


Prayer Ministry

Our prayer ministry serves to equip and encourage the members and attendees of New Point Church to devote themselves to prayer knowing that prayer is powerful and effective. Serving opportunities include praying during services, intercessory prayer for submitted requests, prayer for specific events and adopting a staff member to pray for. Submit a prayer request email at prayer@newpointchurch.com.

Meals Ministry

New Point’s Meals Ministry exists to provide meals for those who, due to illness, loss, or childbirth are in need of some help with meals for a period of time. If you are part of a Life Group we will contact them to help provide those meals. If you are not part of a Life Group we have others that are willing to prepare a meal for someone in need. For help with meals contact lori@newpointchurch.com or call the church office at (515)987-9595. To be part of our meal team you can also join New Point Meals Facebook page.


Grieving family members are often confronted with dozens of decisions about what to do when a loved one dies. We are here to help you in your time of grief. An important role of a pastor is to be a comfort to those who mourn(Isaiah 61:2). If tragedy strikes please let us know by contacting the church office at (515) 987-9595 or by contacting lori@newpointchurch.com